Ari Laksmana

leadership and habit coach

Are you ready to make the biggest change in your life?


I’ve honed my coaching technique from the golden practices of the ICF and learn from the books of the best Habit Coaches in the world. I've served clients from individuals to corporate leaders for years. I aim to communicate openly and clearly, addressing critical points and facilitating continuous growth to reach the goals.


The process starts with clearly defined objectives. How will you know how to change if you don’t know what needs changing. We’ll develop your goals in conversation together.


The growth stage is the meat in the sandwich. It is here that you put new strategies to work, and begin addressing the issues that have been holding you back.


At this point in the process I ask you to reflect on the changes you’ve made, and whether you’re satisfied with there the results have led you. After this, we can address sustainability.


“My goal was to get me committed in building a new habit, which was getting to bed earlier so that I can wake up within a fresh state. Pak Ari helped me by asking what was my vision, then breaking it down into missions that is feasible for me to achieve. His approach was simple, and I think that's the key in making an impactful change. From his coaching sessions, I learnt to first building a new habit, like focusing on the crucial hours before going to bed. Narrowed it down, and asked myself, did I really need those 'old habit' in order to make me a better person? I think, as a coach, Pak Ari has nailed it and I highly recommend anyone who likes a simple approach to be coached by Pak Ari. ”

Success stories

– Adistya S. Putri, Head of L&D Mitracomm Ekasarana

“This session made me understand the true meaning of happiness, I am more at ease in the day to day, I am never afraid to fail again, I do not feel overwhelmed by any insecure, thanks coach Ari for valuable lessons and always patiently hear my sadness, may God always bless your life 🙏”

– Nayyzhyra Fernita Zafifah, Trainer at Shopee

“Ari helped me to solve the problems that I struggled with during the program. I have realized that I don’t have to explore the unknown to solve my problem, the solutions are within me instead. By asking the right questions, Ari managed to guide me through the process. ”

– Vesalius Tantawan Toumahu, SAP Consultant

I believe we all have the power to change our lives within us. I also believe there is no shame in asking for help to deliver such change.

Ari Laksmana